Atomize Consultants Day 18th May 2021

An interactive session designed exclusively for Hotel Technology Advisors and Revenue Management Consultants based in North America. 50 is the maximum number of seats. First come, first served.


During a 75-minute session, we will present Atomize’s unique approach to real-time optimization and pricing automation, and how this is helping hotels outperform the market even during the pandemic. Our objective is to provide you with the necessary information when advising your clients.

Participants are limited to a maximum of 50 consultants so that we can offer a personalized, interactive session giving you the chance to ask questions and network with your peers.


Time for the event:

  • 18th May at 9:00 am PDT/12 pm EDT/6 pm CEST


  1. Introduction to Atomize
  2. Challenges with Pricing post-COVID19
  3. The Atomize Approach
  4. Introduction to Market Insight, presented by OTA Insight
  5. Case Study & Demo
  6. Referral Program

Speakers Atomize RM Webinar

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