Atomize recruits a Director of Growth for South Africa and Australia

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Atomize recruits Nick Kleynhans as a Director of Growth for South Africa and Australia.

A vital role for the continuous growth and for Atomize expansion to become the world leader in Automatic Revenue Management.

Nick has a Diploma in Hospitality Management and has been working in the hospitality sector for 12 years. Nick has experience from different hotel management positions in South Africa and during the last 5 years, Nick has managed several executive sales roles in the hotel tech space, recently as a Sales Director for MEWS in Africa. Nick truly knows the daily challenges for hoteliers and how important accurate data is to make good decisions that truly support the hotel business.

– Could you please tell us about your background?

Nick: I started working in hotel lobbies and restaurants as a teenager and 12 years later I’m still learning every day about the hospitality industry. Completing my studies, I started working in the rooms department of city hotels, boutique hotels, guest houses, and remote lodges. I moved to the technology side in 2016 when I joined Oracle Hospitality as an account manager and also worked with a fantastic startup at the time, Mews systems.


– What are your main responsibilities at Atomize and how are you executing those actions?

Nick: I’m responsible for market growth in South Africa and Australia, two countries that I love, and enjoy traveling in. I’ll be introducing Atomize to forward-thinking hoteliers who are passionate about technology and using accurate data to build an automated revenue strategy.

– What do you think are the biggest challenges that Atomize face in your markets?

Nick: Being the new kid on the block is always a challenge. I believe Atomize is a fantastic product, ready to bring change to the market. It’s our responsibility to introduce it to that market.

– How has Revenue Management changed over the last decade in your markets and what do you envision about the future in terms of Revenue Management?

Nick: Revenue management has definitely stepped up to the decision-making table in hotels, the industry has taken notice of the incredible importance of revenue management and the role it plays in the hotel strategy. I believe the next step is to transition to automated, data-driven technology that assists hotels to build better strategies.

– What values do you believe that Atomize provides to the hotel industry in your markets and how will Atomize disrupt the hospitality tech industry?

Nick: Mobile-first, it sounds silly, but our entire lives are driven by our phones, and for some strange reason, hoteliers still need to open up their office PC to see price recommendations. Atomize will highlight the importance of 24/7 on the go revenue management in your hands.

– Please share a personal trait that no one else knows about you.

Nick: I love residential real estate. Whenever I travel to a new country or city, I browse property prices and view open houses. The way different cultures live and how it translates to their homes is fascinating to me.

“Nick is a humble and well-respected person in the hospitality industry. His vast experience will play an essential role in the expansion of Atomize in Africa and Australia. More than all, I look forward, and I’m proud to be able to work with someone as talented as Nick!”, says Karim Parto, Head of Sales at Atomize.

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