Atomize recruits a Sales Manager in Africa and Australia

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Atomize recruits Tawana Muratu as a Sales Manager for Africa and Australia. An important role for the continuous growth and for Atomize expansion to become the world leader in Automatic Revenue Management.


Tawana Murata found his passion for the hospitality industry in his early years of high school and ever since he has pursued a career in the hospitality field. Tawana have a 3-year bachelor’s degree in hospitality management and through his studies, he found a genuine interest in the field of Revenue Management. After graduation Tawana went on to work in the revenue department of Ritz-Carlton for a couple of years before he moved over to hotel tech, working as a reseller for Mews PMS prior to joining Atomize.

Tawana Muratu, Sales Manager at Atomize for Africa and Australia


What do you think makes a great Revenue Manager?

Tawana: Creative thinking, tech savvy and competitive nature are traits that I would say make a successful revenue manager.


What will your main responsibilities be at Atomize and how will you execute those actions?

 Tawana: I will be driving sales and engagement in Africa and Australia. If you are like me and don’t want to be left behind in this ever-changing industry you will probably see me around or on your timeline, please say hi .

There is a number of properties that are not utilizing RMS’s and as a result they are losing out significantly. On a personal level it is my goal to do my best so that all hoteliers are unleashing their potential at Revenue level.


What do you think will be the biggest challenges that Atomize will face in your markets?

Tawana: Definitely not oblivious to the challenges that are ahead, and we are well prepared for those.  We have just moved into the region hence some groundwork will be needed – Atomize is incredible and I am looking forward to it!


How has Revenue Management changed over the last decade in your markets and what do you envision about the future in terms of Revenue Management? 

Tawana: The hotel industry has definitely acknowledged the significance of revenue management and we have seen that by more hotels opening revenue management departments. Before revenue practices were a responsibility left to general managers particularly with the independent hotels. We have seen the growth of dynamic pricing from static pricing and more recently Real Time Pricing.

RMS’s are the present and the future for our industry and anyone who is not using one will surely catch up.

My prediction for the next decade is that revenue management will continue to blossom, technology will continue to evolve, and we will see automation coming more to the forefront.

Another prediction for the future is total hotel revenue management will begin to take center stage. Revenue Management will no longer be about room revenue solely but will cover all hotel revenue streams – F&B, Spa, Room Services and leisure facilities for example.


What values do you believe that Atomize provides to the hotel industry in your markets and how will Atomize disrupt the hospitality tech industry? 

Tawana: Atomize is driven by optimizing revenue for hotels through optimal pricing. With only a few years on the block Atomize has established itself as an industry powerhouse.

  • Real Time Pricing. Gives you competitive advantage and take advantage of even the slightest changes in the market
  • Group Booking Pricing Module. You are able to attain an optimal quote within seconds.
  • Mobile Ready – Access your RMS anywhere and everywhere. These days we make all our decisions and rely all information with our fingertips.


Please share some personal trait that no one else knows about you

Tawana: One that instantly pops to my head is how curious I am about almost everything. I love learning new cultures, new places and history. Probably explains my keen interest for documentaries and travelling.


“Tawana is always looking to achieve the best for the team and he has shown a real passion to accelerate revenue management technology in Africa and the rest of the world.  By ‘industry standards’ he is still young and already has a good revenue management foundation under him. He is passionate about Revenue Management and he will be key to the expansion of Atomize in Africa and Australia.  It is a pleasure having him as part of our team,” says Karim Parto, Head of Sales at Atomize.


Want to know how you can benefit from using Atomize in the African or Australian markets , contact Tawana.

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