Designer’s thoughts – Atomize 2.0 new user interface

Designer´s thoughts Atomize 2.0

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Get the real insights about Atomize 2.0 new user interface, direct from our Head of Product. Ellen Hartelius

Ellen Hartelius
Ellen Hartelius, Head of product at Atomize


When I first joined Atomize six months ago, I can honestly say I did not know much about hospitality tech nor about hotel revenue management. With a background as a user experience designer and product manager I did however know the importance of truly understanding your users and their reality. Being a curious person, I dove straight into it with the ultimate goal of further improving our product and ensuring we base product decisions of real user needs and data insights.

One of the things I’ve learnt during my brief time at Atomize is that revenue management is not an easy job. It’s a complex responsibility, filled with high paced decision making in a dynamic, ever-changing context. Luckily, the Atomize product can ease the burden for Revenue Managers by taking on one of the most time-consuming daily operations – setting optimal room rates (even in real-time). I’m really proud of our hotel pricing intelligence engine and, with our real-time capabilities, I believe is the best in the industry.


Evolving the Atomize product

During my first interactions with our product I found that the user interface was intuitive and easy to use, even for a non-revenue manager (me). It’s built mobile first, which is a must for any professional solution today, and it’s clean and simple while still being competent and informative. After working with user experience design for ten years, I could however see room for improvement. And as Alexander Edström, our CEO states, we have come a long way with our price intelligence engine and the time has come to evolve our overall product. So, I started doing research; I read books and articles about hotel revenue management, but more so, I began talking to and meeting with our users and potential users. In parallel we started working on strengthening our visual brand identity and improving our website. The result of the new design guidelines and the insights that we acquired from our users is the new Atomize 2.0 dashboard. Besides an overall enhancement of our visual appearance, these are some of the key news we are launching:

  • Improved clarity and new styling of our three main KPI charts: RevPAR, Occupancy, and Revenue. Including both month-to-date numbers as well as forecasts, compared to last year.

  • The addition of one new KPI: Average Daily Rate. This graph shows the ADR for each day of the selected month, of course also compared to last year

  • Pickup report with the possibility to study pickup in terms of room nights and revenue for the last 7 or 30 days. The report will also show you how bookings and cancellations done during the same time-period are distributed in the future. We call it the Booking pulse chart.

  • Competitor pricing on OTAs for today and yesterday. Since long you have been able to see the competitor prices (coming from OTA insights) that we use as one of the input parameters in the price optimization. We are now giving revenue manages the possibility to get insights on the near time situation; how their pricing stands against the competition in the present.


On our path to becoming the world leader in setting optimal prices for hotels

I love that we are bold enough to stay true to our mission at Atomize – becoming the world leader in setting optimal prices for hotels. It may sound trivial, but I have seen plenty of companies failing as they cave into every single feature request and end up with a Christmas tree of features that are rarely used. At Atomize we continue to focus on our core mission, the price optimization.

At the same time, we understand that our users have needs that lie outside of our core, and of course we cannot neglect that. This means that we need to constantly refine our product and that we sometime need to look for solutions outside of our own. We know that our users need tools for the more strategic part of revenue management and I’m therefore extremely happy that we are now able to offer our clients a really competent BI and reporting solution, namely Revenue Insights provided by OTA Insights.

As many other hospitality tech vendors, we have utilized the time during COVID-19 lockdown to get product improvements made. The result is Atomize 2.0. I hope you like it.

If you want to see the new dashboard live, don’t miss our Live Product Webinars,  sign up here >

All the best


Ps. In my world, the transformation from Atomize 1.0 to 2.0 has only just begun. We have a roadmap filled with other improvements and exciting new feature ideas. So, stay tuned – there’s more to come during the autumn! Ds. 

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