Atomize launches industry-first real time price optimization

real-time pricing
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Real time price optimization is the future of revenue management, and it’s already here

Gothenburg, October 23, 2019
Today Atomize announce the launch of the hospitality industry’s first-ever revenue management system (RMS) supporting real-time price optimization. By retrieving and analyzing live market data, Atomize’s RMS can now update a hotel’s room rates in real-time to take advantage of even the slightest changes in the market to maximize a property’s revenue.
To make sure a hotel is not missing out on revenue, room prices need to get updated at the highest frequency possible. Revenue opportunities that used to exist for a matter of days or even hours can be gone in a matter of minutes or even seconds – especially in hyper dynamic cities like New York, London, or Singapore and especially during the final hours of the booking window.
Real-time price optimization has, for a long time, been seen as fiction – but not anymore. By continuously leveraging the newest data points, Atomize RMS, calculates the optimal rate via real-time optimization algorithms and then automatically pushes those rates back to the PMS (Property Management System) through a 2-way connection.
That means hotels using Atomize will continuously have real-time rates pushed live, around the clock, 365 days into the future, dynamically for all room types. This ground-breaking new technology brings the hotel industry into a new era – the future is here today.
Revenue managers can no longer afford to base pricing decisions on outdated market information. I’m very proud to say that Atomize is the first RMS in the industry supporting real-time price optimization. To use Atomize RMS gives a hotel a huge competitive edge, and now revenue managers can trust that their pricing is always 100% optimal and never again leave money on the table,” says Alexander Edström, the CEO of Atomize.
To learn more about real-time price optimization and how you, as a hotelier, can benefit from basing your pricing on real-time data, read this in-depth article on Hotel Tech Report.
real-time pricing
About Atomize
Atomize is a rising star within the field of Revenue Management and the first RMS ever to offer real-time pricing optimization. Headquartered in Sweden, Atomize helps hotels around the globe to maximize their revenue by automatically setting the optimal price for every room type. Atomize is used in more than 40 countries, across five continents, by hotel properties ranging from 40 to 1250 rooms. The company’s goal is to be the world leader in Automatic Revenue Management.
Contact details
Alexander Edström, CEO Atomize
+46 705 337 100

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