Join the journey and grow with Atomize RMS

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Join the journey and grow with Atomize RMS

The year of 2019 has been an important year for Atomize, here follows a short recap of the year, important milestones and achievements on the journey of becoming the world leader in setting optimal prices for hotels. The year of 2019 has been a tremendous year for us and we have more than tripled our customer base, we have gone from 30 countries to 50 countries, now present in new countries like Indonesia, Japan and New Zeeland, with the largest growth in Asia. During the year we have fulfilled an aggressive product roadmap roll-out with important launches like Real-time Price Optimization and the Group Booking Pricing Module.

Real-time Price Optimization with Atomize RMS

In November 2019, Atomize, as the first Revenue Management System in the world, released real-time price optimization.  The world happens in real-time and so should your Revenue Management System. The hotels moving to real-time price optimization now will have an enormous competitive advantage in the next 24 months. Learn more >

Atomize latest product release – The Group Booking Pricing Module

In October 2019, Atomize introduced The Group Booking Pricing Module, a simpler and more efficient approach to pricing group booking requests. Since groups often request proposals from multiple hotels, having a tool like Atomize can set you apart from the competition. Within seconds you can determine the ideal rate to offer, what is the lowest rate you can accept and whether you are better off taking the group or filling your hotel with other business. Learn more >

Atomize is a Top Rated RMS – 98% customer satisfaction

We strive to work closely in collaboration with our customers and on a daily basis we receive valuable customer feedback which is essential in order to deliver a premium RMS solution on the market. We are very proud to maintain Top Ranked on Hotel Tech Report, based on customer reviews and 98 % in customer satisfaction. This is for us one of the most important KPI’s and a confirmation that we are on the right path of becoming the world leader in setting optimal prices for hotels. Get on the train or get left at the station Make sure to never miss out on a revenue opportunity again!  We will show you how, book a demo with Atomize.

Join our journey and grow with Atomize.¨

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