Revenue Management Playbook 2021 – a free guide

Revenue Management 2021 Playbook

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How to adapt to the new era of revenue management 2021 – build your recovery playbook 

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Even if recovery is still somewhat uncertain, the vaccine roll-out has started to shed positive light and we can see positive signs of increased travel demand in Europe and North America from May 2021.

One thing is clear in these times: Hoteliers need to be more flexible than ever as they navigate the crisis and prepare for demand to return. 

Moving forward, the key to success in your Revenue Management tactics 2021 is a proactive, data-driven approach supported by innovative tech tools and top-of-funnel demand information. 

In this guide, you’ll get expert insights on how to create this approach for your hotel and get ready for the return of business and revenue opportunities.


Adjusting to today’s evolving demand landscape

Travel restrictions and lockdowns had a massive impact on demand and hotel revenue worldwide. 

Many hotels had to adjust to a primarily domestic or regional leisure market instead of their usual international guest and business mix. Over summer 2020, their goal was to maintain cash flow and ‘survive’ the tough times. 

However, since the hard times are not yet over, it’s important to adopt a long-term approach. It must consider both making it through this slow period and getting the most out of recovery from the beginning.

Download this free guide and start crafting your Revenue Management Playbook for 2021.


The Revenue Management 2021 Guide covers:

  • Revenue management trends and optimization tips for market recovery
  • Get ahead of your competition by leveraging future market demand data
  • Ways to use forecasting in these uncertain times
  • Optimize your pricing in real time to make the most of recovery.
  • An outline of which revenue management software you can use to support your strategy


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