Photographs & Memories Podcast Series  

The Photographs and Memories podcast was created to re-establish the human connections that make our industry unique.  Listen to beautiful stories, memories, and life lessons, shared by our Memory Makers, well-known leaders, and personalities from the travel and hospitality industry. 

Hosted by Michael McCartan, Produced by Travel Market Life and Sponsored by Atomize.

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Most people will say they joined the travel and hospitality industry because of the people.
We are a united nation of interesting and passionate people drawn together to serve and delight, but over the last 18 months, Zoom has stolen our souls and our stories. Now it’s time to re-establish the human connections that make our industry unique.

In each episode of Photographs and Memories our travel personality, also called our Memory Maker, will take you on a journey through time by sharing the story behind 3 photographs and a souvenir from their travels.

Referencing the photos we travel on a journey through time, reflecting on the significance of that moment, the sentiment of the period, and what was going on in the world around us

So… why not pause everything for a moment and listen to his vibrant tales from exotic lands?

View our latest episodes and Memory Makers below.

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Episode 1 – Photographs & Memories

Gene Quinn: Celebrating the influence of Philip Wolf

In the opening episode, our Memory Maker is the remarkable Gene Quinn, Co-Founder of TravelScrum and former CEO and Co-Founder of Tnooz (now Phocuswire).

From sports journalist to corporate maverick, Gene Quinn reveals his extraordinary life through three photographs and a souvenir.

In this intimate look at his life, he pays homage to friend and travel industry mentor Philip Wolf, shares tales of trout fishing, building a school in Malawi, and how he lost three toenails. 

View Gene’s photographs >

David Chestler, Podcast

Episode 2 – Photographs & Memories

David Chestler: Look Beyond Your Boundaries

Where you start is not necessarily where you end up. Our Memory Maker began his career in marketing at Burger King before pursuing roles in advertising. It wasn’t long before he was leading the Dot.Com revolution, combining technology and publishing when he entered the travel sector with Utell.

David is currently Partner and Senior Managing Director at PROVision Partners. He has held senior management positions at Kognitiv, SiteMinder, Sceptre Hospitality Resources (SHR), RateGain, Pegasus Solutions and Birch Street Systems and most recently served as an Allied Board Member at and with HTNG on the Software Resource Team.

Mona Maamari

Episode 3 – Photographs & Memories

Mona Maamari: Reminiscing a 2020 world tour

Listen to the travel tales from Mona Maamari, as our memory maker reflects on her career in the travel and hospitality sector and the memories she’s made on the road.

From a market planning and pricing job at Disneyland Resort Paris, to Thomas Cook and then to major hotel groups Radisson and NH Hotels Mona forged a career in revenue.

In 2019, she and her young family departed on a world tour, taking a step back from her career to work in schools, farms and kitchens around the globe.

For the past 8 years she has been leading pricing, forecasting and revenue transformation for hotel groups such as Radisson and NH.

Dmitry Bagrov

Episode 4 – Photographs & Memories

Dmitry Bagrov: Experiencing London Fog

Entering the travel sector through the trades entrance, our next Memory Maker started life as an email translator in an internet cafe. He went on to deliver digital transformation across multiple industries,  reminisces on ‘catching’ office WiFi hanging out of his apartment window and experiencing real London fog


Episode 5 – Photographs & Memories

Vishal Arora: Family, work and relocating

During his 25-year career Vishal has lived and work across 3 continents in a variety of product management, commercial and technology roles within travel, hospitality and real estate tech. He is currently Head of Technology for WeWork Japan which sees him reside in Tokyo. Previously, he has held senior positions at Oyo Life, Pegasus, Yatra, eRevMax, Amadeus and Travelport. He was also part of the founding team of


Alexandra Fjallman

Episode 6 – Photographs & Memories

Alexandra Fjällman: Embracing the great outdoors

An outdoor enthusiast with a penchant for giving extreme sports a go, our next Memory Maker, Chief Marketing Officer at Atomize, Alexandra Fjallman loves a challenge, putting herself in a context that is totally new to her.

Alexandra Fjallman landed in travel and hospitality to lead the strategic brand development of Atomize following a career working in eCommerce and building SaaS companies. While new to the revenue management and pricing space, she has quickly adopted it as her new home.


Duncan Bramwell

Episode 7 – Photographs & Memories

Duncan Bramwell: Gaming up to be the best hotelier

Son of a hotel inspector, our next Memory Maker was dragged around presidential suites, chauffeured by limousine as a child before joining Cape Town Hotel School founded by his father. Born in Zambia, raised in South Africa and now living in the UK, Duncan Bramwell, is an independent hotel consultant. 

Find out the reason why he was carrying four baby rhino bottles, why Madagascar is on his bucket list and what came from a conversation with an old man in Egypt.

Steve Dow

Episode 8 – Photographs & Memories

Steve Dow – Balancing family life and work travel

Before a career in hotels, our next memory maker Steve Dow started out in engineering on a North Sea oil rig, before landing on the banks of Loch Tay working for a Scottish hotel resort.

Steve Dow takes us on a journey through his adult life, meeting Orangutans in Borneo, climbing Mount Everest and meeting Mike Tyson in Las Vegas – all while holding down a young family. Listen in as he shares his regrets and why he now has a new perspective on life