How to adapt to the new era of revenue management 2021 – build your recovery playbook

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One thing is clear in these times: Hoteliers need to be more flexible than ever as they navigate the current landscape in order to prepare for returning guests.

Moving forward, the key to success in your Revenue Management tactics 2021 is a proactive, data-driven approach supported by innovative tech tools and top-of-funnel demand information. 

In this guide, you’ll get expert insights on how to create this approach for your hotel and get ready for the return of business and revenue opportunities.




What our customers say

Steve Croese, General Manager, Arcade Hotel
Steve Croese, General Manager, Arcade Hotel

"Since the pandemic, we have been under pressure to maximize revenue from very little demand, to have additional insight into future traveler intent is critical for us. For this reason, Atomize future demand index gives us valuable insight into future market demand.

The demand index is based on aggregated data sets like for example, the volume of travelers searching for and arriving in our market, which gives us an opportunity to capture demand much earlier in the customer journey"

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