Sit back and relax. Turn on autopilot to let Atomize accept all price recommendations, continuously, 24/7/365 days into the future. Make sure to always have the optimal price based on Atomize price intelligence. 

Autopilot feature, Atomize

Let Atomize run on Autopilot

If you are on Autopilot, you don’t have to review the price recommendations, the system continuously updates your rates per room type, without breaking any price hierarchy you might have.

Atomize Special Features

What sets us apart from the rest. An overview of Atomize Revenue Management System’s features and functionalities.

Group Pricing

Group displacement analysis done in minutes! Our module offers a more efficient way to quote your group booking requests.

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Real-time Pricing

Receive new price recommendations as soon as something happens within your property. Adapt to dynamic, fast-paced markets.

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Multi Property BI & Reporting

Keep track of your KPIs with endless reporting capabilities by using the latest BI technologies.

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Sit back and relax. Switch on Autopilot and let the system automatically update your rates per room type.

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Multi Property Support

Multi-Property Dashboard

The Multi-Property Dashboard will  monitor the performance of your entire hotel portfolio by providing you with aggregated KPIs. Built for Cluster- and Corporate Leaders.  

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Future Demand Insights

Atomize users have access to forward-looking demand data in their dashboard, essential for accurate topline predictions and relevant promotions. 

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“The use of Atomize is one of the factors that has resulted in an increase of 18% in revenue during Q1, 2019”